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Wed, 24 August 2005 16:24:11 EST

Mortgage Rates Reverse Previous Six-Week Climb

After six consecutive weeks of run-up, mortgage rates turned tail and declined during the week ended August 18 (Freddie Mac) and August 19 (Mortgage Bankers Association.) While decreases were not large, they were notable, and with the economy appearing a bit rocky and pundits predicting either a slow shhhhh or perhaps even a large POP of the much discussed "housing bubble" any rate relief is welcome.

Fri, 19 August 2005 15:52:07 EST

In Trouble With Your Mortgage? Call Your Lender - Now!

Last month we did a two part article on foreclosure. The bottom line was, if you are in financial trouble, take control of the situation and get in touch with your lender the very minute that problems loom. That message has been upper-cased, bold-faced, and underlined by a recent report from the National Consumer Law Center. The Center's recent report "Dreams Foreclosed: The Rampant Theft of Americans' Homes Through Equity-Stripping Foreclosure 'Rescue' Scams", is a pretty sad indictment of those real estate investors who will, apparently, go to any length to make a profit off of the misery and misfortune of others. But, turned inside out, the report can serve as a strong warning to homeowners who find themselves in financial difficulty to pay attention before they are coerced or provoked to cast caution aside in an attempt to save their homes.

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